How fast do you want to grow in Finland?

 Frank is the right hand of a b-to-b professional organisation

What do you expect from a marketing communication partner? If you are looking for a hands-on approach, confidence backed up by experience and top-level industry knowledge, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to marketing communication, Frank Communications is the right hand of a growing b-to-b professional organisation. Our mission in life is to help good companies succeed even better.

In many cases the biggest obstacle to success is that the right people don’t know your company – be it prospective customers, employees or partners. Effective marketing communication is a precision weapon to solve this particular problem.

We believe in long-term commitment, regular contact and doing the right thing the right way. To begin with we want to get to the bottom of your business. It’s the only way we can really support your company’s growth.

 Our services

Sales support

Meeting ambitious growth objectives in a new market is never easy. The key to getting it right in a new market is having local knowledge and contacts. It pays to have an understanding of market dynamics, hot industry topics and potential customers’ attitudes and plans.

Frank Communications offers a range of services to help boost your company’s sales in Finland. We help you gather strategic information from the market and from your target groups, develop account management practices, draft effective key messages and produce quality collateral for your sales team.

Social media

Social media use has become an everyday practice in every business area. Your company’s target groups are already using social media. Are you? Now is the time to boost sales, marketing and recruitment with strategic use of social media channels.

Frank Communications offers a range of services for conquering social media. We help your company map out the level of social media aptitude among your personnel, set goals and plan activities for social media, as well as utilise social media to boost recruitment, enhance customer relations and build your company profile. We provide training and guidance to your employees on a general level or with regard to specific social media channels.

 PR and media relations

When your potential customers do not know you, you get left out of buying processes. When potential employees have never heard of you, they are less likely to apply.

When your company is widely recognised for the right reasons, many doors open more easily. Which in turn makes growing your business more of a smooth ride.

Frank Communications offers a full range of PR services to help companies increase recognition and develop their public image. We help you bring out your key messages through traditional media, build a credible professional profile through different channels, use digital and social media channels effectively and provoke public discussion on important topics.


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